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Norton Security is a reliable security suite for your PC, with a powerful engine, firewall, an Identity Safe feature, and usability of the highest level. This release does not revolutionize the product, but it does optimize several features.


Norton Security provides comprehensive, real-time protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and rootkits, acting as a filter for email, instant messaging programs and internet browsing.
Norton is also able to analyze your Facebook wall, which is increasingly becoming a tool for spreading malware.
Thanks to SONAR technology, the proactive defense module can identify more precisely any unknown threats. Norton Security can also block websites and malicious downloads, and includes options to configure Silent Mode.
The virus also integrates Norton Power Eraser, an advanced tool to use when the engine fails, with its classic scan which can delete malware that has allegedly attacked the system.

Norton Security includes an evolution of the Insight module, which analyzes files and running processes, classifies those which are reliable, and excludes them from being scanned, thus optimizing the resources available to your system.
Unlike Norton Antivirus, Internet Security offers a few more features, starting with a two-way firewall that can filter incoming and outgoing connections. The firewall has a fair degree of configurability and is organized in such a way as to be usable even by less experienced users. It also has parental controls (via Norton Family) to protect your children online.

Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security

Norton Security also pays particular attention to others dangers on the network, and that’s why it offers a module, Identity Safe, to protect your personal information, passwords, and credit card details against any online scams.
In addition, the suite includes a startup manager, which is useful for speeding up startup on your computer.
Modern, elegant design.

  • Advanced protection against web attacks that take advantage of software vulnerabilities. Stops threats that traditional antivirus techniques do not recognize. Filter unwanted e-mails through professionally robust antispam protection
  • Block phishing websites and authenticate trusted sites. Protects, stores and manages logins and personal information. Prevent hackers from spying and stealing information. Identify unsafe websites in search results.
  • It is one of the most effective antivirus when blocking and removing viruses
  • It helps protect and monitor the home network. Automatically protects the PC when it connects to public wireless networks.
  • It’s really simple to use. It looks nice and it’s easy to find the options you are looking for.
  • Quick scans are nice and fast.
  • Very good at detecting and blocking harmful software.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Works across multiple platforms.

Robust multi-device security keeps you protected, no matter how you get connected. With Norton Security, the best of Norton now comes in one easy-to-use service. Support for every device, easy-to-manage protection that’s always there, and quality customer support mean securing your device just got easier than ever before. Get protection from viruses, safeguard information to prevent threats such as ID theft and financial scams, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the protection you need to go boldly, not blindly.


Norton Internet Security is an effective application providing complete security against all sorts of malware. It comes packed with various custom technologies. The program provides a full scan to files, emails and websites for scams and viruses. The continuous update procedure lets the NIS to enhance the detection rate and offer an all-around protection to your computer.Installation process of NIS is very easy and fast. It takes hardly a few minutes to get installed on a system. Its graphical user interface (GUI) makes it simpler for users to understand and use the program. Though Norton Security scans the system deeply, it doesn’t check good files until it detects a change in them than its previous check. This allows NIS to scan in a much faster mode without draining the system resources.

Norton Security is considered the top security solution for homes and businesses. Yet many users face problems while using the software ranging from PC performance issues to installation problems. In order to keep your software problem-free, opt for Norton Internet Security support. Our experts response to each and every issue with great patience and use the latest technologies like remote access to resolve your issues. .

There are no major changes this time around – at least, not yet, and not that we’ve spotted. The most significant and obvious tweaks have been made to the interface. The style is similar to the previous edition, but it’s been optimised for touch (and if you install the package on Windows 8, can now be controlled via a Metro app). Support for hardware acceleration should improve its responsiveness, too.

Norton Internet Security offers all the core protection you will find in Norton AntiVirus, along with many other security features. Here are the top ones that should influence your buying decision:

Identity protection : you have probably heard about identity theft. Unfortunately, this type of threat is all-too-common online. Without protection you could be the victim of a phishing attack, perhaps by entering personal information on a site that looks legitimate to you, but is in fact malicious and hosted by hackers. Norton Internet Security’s phishing filters can analyze links you are about to open in an email or the structure of web pages you visit, then generate warnings if any potential dangers are detected.


The term antispam refers to protection from junk email or bulk email from suspicious senders. Spam is often a carrier for malware and can lead you to malicious sites.
Norton applications check incoming emails for known words or phrases commonly used in spam, origination from known spammers, and noncompliance with common standards such as the existence and formatting of certain headers. When Norton finds emails it believes are spam, it puts a note in the subject and, depending on your email program, might send it to your junk folder.


Norton’s software firewall blocks all uninvited inbound connections from other computers. Uninvited connections can steal information from your computer, install programs, launch programs, and make changes to your computer. The Norton firewall also blocks you from connecting to known malicious computers and other devices.
Ofcourse, even when you invite the connection, for example by requesting the newest account information from your bank, Norton always monitors for viruses and other malware.

Safe Surfing and Facebook

Norton Safe Web displays a warning pop-up message when you attempt to access a known fraudulent web page or a web page that has suspicious characteristics.

When you search the Internet using the Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engines, Norton Safe Web displays Norton rating icons next to the search results. As you move the mouse pointer over the Norton icon, a pop-up message appears with site safety and shopping safety information.
Norton Safe Web for Facebook scans your News Feed for dangerous downloads and links to unsafe websites and warns you and your Facebook friends about them.

Note: When you install NAV, you have an option to include the free Safe Web Lite application, which has most of the safe-surfing features that are in in NIS and 360.

The program does also provide improvements in protection, although they’re mostly out of sight. The Insight file reputation database is now updated more rapidly, for instance; Insight technology has been incorporated into the firewall to “improve the ability to detect and block malicious network activity”; SONAR now works in Safe Mode to detect more threats via their behaviour; and Internet Security 2013 can work with new Windows 8 technology which allows it to launch earlier in the boot process, so better protecting you from rootkits, malicious drivers and similar low-level threats.

Norton Identity Safe: with this feature, your Internet user names and passwords are stored in an encrypted vault and entered automatically in the relevant fields of web pages, for instance the login page of your bank’s website. That means you don’t have to type them, so they cannot get stolen by malicious keylogging software that could be installed on your computer unbeknownst to you.

Norton Safe Web: see fraudulent and fake websites directly from the search results of many different search engines, so you don’t even visit them. This feature also works as you are surfing websites, warning you whether or not a particular site is safe. From there, decide to continue what you were doing or leave immediately.

Antispam: this feature is useful if you use Microsoft® Outlook® for emailing. It will identify unwanted (malicious or not) messages and based on your configuration settings, take appropriate actions. This feature is not intended to work with online-based email services such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, since these services already have built-in Spam filters.

Parental controls management : if you have children old enough to use a computer, you should think about buying Norton Internet Security for this feature alone. It will give you peace of mind, allowing you to control what websites your kids can visit, who they are chatting with when they are online and more.

Firewall: this is probably the feature that differentiates Norton Internet Security from Norton AntiVirus in the most important way. A firewall protects your computer and your data from hackers. With it you can control the traffic into and out of your computer. Norton Internet Security’s smart two-way firewall is very powerful and offers many tweaks so that you can really configure it the way you want to, allowing only some of your applications to access the Internet, blocking certain IP addresses, etc.