Introducing Mobile Unlock feature on Norton Password Manager

We are happy to announce a new feature, Mobile Unlock, that lets you unlock your Norton Password Manager vault using a desktop browser by approving a notification on your mobile device instead of manually entering your vault password. Each time you launch your desktop browser with the Norton Password Manager extension installed, a vault unlock request notification is automatically sent to your registered mobile device. Once you approve the unlock request on the mobile device, your vault automatically unlocks in the browser.

The Mobile Unlock feature is available in the following versions:

  1. Norton Password Manager 6.2 for iOS
  2. Norton Password Manager 6.2 for Android
  3. Norton Password Manager browser extension 6.3 for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

What is Norton Security Premium for Three Devices?

Norton security premium for three devices is a part of Symantec’s 2015 product which protects all your devices no matter what device they are computer, MacBook, tablets, and Smartphone. You don’t need to buy different security for different devices. This product provides real-time protection against existing and rising malware including cyber threats and viruses. Advanced security protection will provide protection to your private and financial information when you go online and give better, faster, and complete protection. It also offers 25 GB of secure PC cloud backup and also additional protection against malware. You have plenty of space to back up your information.
If you have a family whose members own a number of devices of different types and want to conveniently backup the data then yes this security premium for 3 devices is the right product for you.

Benefits of Norton security premium for three devices

  1. It’s a single solution to protect all your family members’ devices.
  2. Give security against viruses, spyware, dangerous websites and downloads, spammers, hackers, and much more.
  3. Keep your kids safe on the internet.
  4. Provides 25 GB of secure online storage space.
  5. You can transfer protection from one device to another after updating the program.
  6. If you lost your Smartphone then locate it and remove all the data instantly to prevent unauthorized usage.
  7. Give security to your home network with a smart firewall.

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