How to Block Norton Antivirus Pop-Ups? Norton is the Antivirus program developed by Symantec.It prevents your Computer from Malware Infection by the real-time scanning process. It blocks malware, viruses which are trying to get in the computer system and ask you for permission by sending a notification to allow it to enter or not. Norton Antivirus program also protects you from being infected by malware and virus, when you are using the instant messaging program.

As we know every security program, Ether Norton Antivirus or any other internet security software, they have fixed pop-up features that notify you, If you are visiting illegal sites or downloading any risky program. Even if already know the site or the program you are downloading you are visiting is safe for you. If you feel these pop-up features that notify you if you feel these pop-up are irritating and frustrating then helpful for you, and you also can turn on the feature, so the Norton antivirus provides you the feature to stop all pop-up notifications.

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The below -mention steps will help you in clocking Norton pop-ups which irritates you. It is a very easy process that can be followed by anyone. But if you facing any trouble in turning off Pop-ups Visit or email the Toll-free of Norton customer support and our support team will be there to help you.

Steps To Block Norton Antivirus Pop UP:-

These are the very easy steps to stop Norton antivirus pop-ups in very less time and take fewer efforts to solve. Still, if you had trouble you can check the following steps:-

  1. Open Norton on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Right-click on the Norton sphere.
  3. After that, a menu option will appear.
  4. From the menu Opt, hit the “Norton Internet Security” button.
  5. Open Norton Internet Security from “Start” menu
  6. after that, go to the “Start” menu and drift over “All Programs” Opt.
  7. Hit the “Norton Internet Security” and then again click on the “Norton Internet Security” to get on the “Norton Internet Security” window.
  8. Hit the “Norton AntiSpam” display on the left side of the “Norton Internet Security” window.
  9. Select and hit o “[Status and Settings” Opt.
  10. Now, hit to disable the “Pop-up Blocking” option.
  11. Then, hit “Turn Off ” button.
  12. And In some versions of Norton antivirus, you will need to disable the “Ad Blocking” feature to stop pop-ups, so hit the disable “Ad Blocking.”
  13. Now, hit “Status and Settings.”
  14. After that hit “Ad Blocking” Opt.
  15. And Finally, hit the “Turn Off” Opt.

After completing the whole process you will successfully able to block Norton pop-ups and there will be no need to connect to Norton support team. Still, if you had any trouble while blocking Norton pop-ups you can mail the Toll-free number of Norton Support team Or you can visit

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